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12 May 2022, Ulnes Walton Action Group's have a barrister courtesy of Advocate DX

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Ulnes Walton is a rural village geographically spread over a large area with a relatively low population (2,672 in 2011). The main collections of homes are to the north along Ulnes Walton Lane, along Southport Road, Lydiate Lane, New Lane and the southern end of Ridley Lane. There are homes sporadically located along many of the aforementioned lanes but also, Holker Lane and Leyland Lane. (Forgive us if your lane isn't mentioned!)
Wymott Estate (also known as Wymott Village) comprises of 130 homes built in the late 1970's early '80's originally to "quarter" prison officers and their families. In the late 80's early 90's, all but one or two of the houses were sold off to private buyers and their families.
At one time, the government/prison service "occupied" vast swathes of land in the area. It was "acknowledged" there was a possibility that the prisons may be expanded. Over the years HMG relinquished much of the land (either returned to its owner or sold). It could never have been envisaged that a super-prison of such a vast size would be built on the remaining pocket of land owned by HMG.
During the early summer of 2021, the prison service sent letters to the residents of Wymott announcing a "consultation" period. This was during lockdown, time was short and it was not possible for people to openly mix and discuss the proposed prison build.
The prison service submitted "outline planning permission" during August 2021. HMP Wymott has approximately 1176 inmates, HMP Garth has 847 inmates and the new prison is proposed to have 1715 inmates. The total inmate population will exceed 3770 (far greater than the number of Ulnes Walton residents!). This may be the biggest single presence of inmates in the UK.
At first, we concentrated on immediate local issues the build would cause. However, we realised that the vast majority of people who work at or visit the prisons arrive by car. How do we know that? The only public transport is the 112 bus service which is hourly and rarely used. On top of existing traffic, there are expected to be 2000+ additional daily journeys to/from the new prison. The planning documents state they expect prison officers to travel from a 40 mile radius to the new prison. One way or another, this extra traffic will affect all the surrounding areas and villages including Moss Side (Leyland), Euxton, Eccleston, Mawdesley, Croston and Bretherton to name a few.
£300 million is earmarked to be spent, the biggest government spend in this area for decades, could this be spent more wisely with less detriment to locals?
Local people are coming together to campaign and stop the new prison from going ahead. We need to spread the word to our neighbours in the surrounding areas.

Whilst daunting, do click HERE to access the planning documentation available via Chorley Borough.

Things You Can Do

Everyone, every family, businesses and schools in the local and surrounding areas will be impacted in one way or another.

  • Think carefully. Chat with your family, tell neighbours & friends
  • Send comments & objections to Chorley Borough Planning Office
  • Send your comments to your MP
  • For those who can, share our social media groups

How could this affect you? Traffic or something else? For example:
A Lancashire County Council traffic count was taken over 7-13 October 2019 (pre-pandemic see HERE). On average, 4125 vehicles travelled along Ulnes Walton Lane on a working day. The prison service planning documentation implies there will be an additional 2000 journeys along the lane, the majority during peak hours. This can only add to the traffic on Slater Lane, Dunkirk Lane and Southport Road.
Can you easily access your GP or A&E? Prisons need teachers, nurses and doctors. Chorley Hospital A&E has only recently re-opened and is not providing a 24/7 service due to insufficient staff (see the Lancashire Post article of 9 Sep 2021, the NHS Trust Chief Exec, Mr McGee said, "Staffing is the challenge..."). Where will the extra doctors, nurses and other staff come from?

If you feel strongly about the issues around the new prison, please OBJECT NOW.

How to object

It will take a few minutes and objections can be highly influential in the planning process. The more the better!

Please write a letter or send an email as follows:

  1. State your name and postal address - an email address is not sufficient
  2. Include today's date
  3. State that you wish to object to planning application no. 21/01028/OUTMAJ
  4. Either post your objection to:The Planning Office, Chorley Borough Council, Civic Offices, Union St, Chorley PR7 1AL
  5. Or email your objection to: and
  6. Or submit your objection directly to the Chorley Borough Planning Portal (you will need to register for an account)

Here is a summary of valid grounds on which planning permission is likely to be refused:

  • Adverse effect on the residential amenity of neighbours, by reason of (among other factors) noise, disturbance, overlooking, loss of privacy, overshadowing, etc (these issues are likely to be true or valid after construction)
  • Visual impact of the development
  • Effect of the development on the character of the neighbourhood
  • Design (including bulk and massing, detailing and materials, if these form part of the application)
  • The proposed development is over-bearing, out-of-scale or out of character in terms of its appearance compared with existing development in the vicinity
  • The loss of existing views from neighbouring properties would adversely affect the residential amenity of neighbouring owners
  • Adverse effect of the development on the character and appearance of a conservation (green belt) area
  • The development would adversely affect highway safety or the convenience of road users


Please contact us if you want to know more. This can be via social media or email. Click a link below: